Our Porcelain Tiles Are A Life To The Dull Flooring

Same like all other types of tiles, porcelain tiles are the most wanted ones. We at rfm tiles receive a bulk of orders from our customers regarding the porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are diversified in their form and structure. They are porous and that is the reason they are more reliable and flexible.

Experience luxury with RFM Porcelain tiles:

Porcelain Tiles are majorly used in kitchens, floorings, ceilings, on kitchen slabs, cabinets and in washrooms. We at RFM tiles deal with a diverse designs of porcelain tiles

We provide best quality assurance for our customers in dealings of our tiles. Our team provides the best assistance to our buyers. Especially for the walls we provide our customers with diverse choice amongst porcelain tiles. Our porcelain tiles for the walls look so beautiful and since porcelain material is non-porous so these tiles refrain to absorb stains.

Our services at RFM tiles:

Porcelain tiles at rfm tiles are one of our best product like ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles at rfm tiles are made especially stain free and they don’t easily allow dirt into them. We please our customers with all these attributes.

We deal with following types of porcelain tiles at RFM tiles:

  • Oak tree porcelain tiles Tiles.
  • Hex cube porcelain tiles
  • Porcelain tiles with coast stones
  • Vintage wood porcelain tiles
  • Elegant marble effects porcelain tiles

Attributes of porcelain tiles:

Some of the porcelain tiles of Melbourne are polished and they are made this way to look slippery and shiny. Many a times our customers refrain to get them but we manage to persuade them that they look that way but in fact they are slip free.

Porcelain tiles are highly resistant and they last longer than a lot of tiles used for flooring and ceiling purposes. They are porous and that is why they are a bit more flexible and dent resistant. Porcelain tiles doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and concern. They are made this way to stay intact for a longer time.

Porcelain tiles are made so beautiful. In the tile cutting process they are made cut in different sizes and shapes easily as they have pores and they are made and baked a bit more resistant. So they can be cut in different designs and made beautiful.

Porcelain tiles are tough and hold flexibility and strength into them. For that they are often made used on the road sides and places where there is more walking.

Porcelain tiles are easily cleansed and made this way not to hold the moisture for too long and get damp. Their ultra-porous body makes them a superb inert to moisture and water stay.

Porcelain tiles at RFM tiles hold the charisma to fascinate the customers.

Artificial Indoor Plants At Soilworx Are The Best Floras For A Marvelous Ambience

Artificial indoor plants are an essential part of homes since forever. Interior designers take the floral decorations of their projects very seriously. Indoor plants are not always easier to keep and they are really fragile that they end up wilting if not taken proper care. Hence to omit this issue Indoor artificial plants are used. Indoor artificial plants are being made use of more and more frequently and they give a next level ambience and aesthetics to the house. Many people like the floral decoration of their homes with a theme and they follow every single detail exactly like they want it to be. Not all outdoor plants meet the color demands hence for such reasons artificial floras are made in use. 

Artificial Indoor Plants at Soilworx:  

 Soilworx brings to the table high quality, customer and environment friendly synthetic plants which are going to be the best choice anyone would ever make for their home interiors. Our artificial flowers are made up of fine quality silk. We use the best quality of silk for our indoor floras. Silk looks really attractive because it’s glossy on the surface and it creates a subtle overview to the whole atmosphere. Silk is made in millions of diverse colors and this way it helps in meeting the customer demands related to color combinations and themed parties.  


The quality of our floras is beyond amazing. The response we get from our happy customers makes us all comfortable and intact with our services.  

What we deal in:  

We deal in a variety of dimensions but if we talk about artificial indoor plants in Melbourne we made a special zone to it. And that zone is proudly of good quality and aesthetics. We deal in customized party decors, out birthday special floras are always a symbol of pride for us as our customers always stayed happy with all the magic we do at their special occasions.  

Our pricing:  

We deal in fine quality indoor silk plants and perfect quality outdoor polyester plants. But since the good quality silk is expensive according to the market value, we stay quite low-key. We have quite an easy price tags with our floral deals , because we believe that no matter how much of a quantity customer wants an artificial plant is always something which might get deteriorate with time or because of sunlight and extreme weather conditions so, we made our plants to be a good investment. We have warranted plants and we tend to take the whole responsibility of the condition of our plants till that span of time.  

Our deals:   

We have special discount offers and we deal in quite a bulk or packages which make the shopping spree easier. Apart from that we also pay special discounts to our regular customers.